Interactive live polls

Add gamification to email with live polling to boost click-through rates, engagement, and revenue! Live polls encourage interaction and increase open rates as recipients re-open to check in on the results which update live as the campaign unfolds and the votes roll in.

Learn how to create your own live poll with our step-by-step guide.

Create a live poll

Navigate to the Live polls section in the Personalized content tab and select the green Create live poll button in the upper pane, select a template, or choose the blank + block under Your live polls.

Customize your live poll

You can choose layout options, poll content, and style in the Customize panel.


Select a layout from the right side pane that includes 2, 3 or 4 poll choices.

live poll layout customization options

Poll configuration

Add the required URLs and images for each poll option to redirect your subscribers after they select a vote. You can use different URLs or the same one for each option.

  • Option 1
    • Upload image
      • jpg, gif, png, bmp formats allowed; built-in image cropper allows adjustments
    • Label
      • text for poll choice option
      • URL
        • required link for poll choice destination
        • may be the same or different URLS for all options or different

Continue including images and information for each poll option

live poll configuration menu pane Enlarge Configure menu image


live poll style options pane Enlarge Style menu image

  • Include prompt toggle
  • Background color
    • select background frame color
  • Label styling
    • select font family, size, and color for the option text
    • upload custom font if desired
  • Results styling
    • select font family, size, and color for the results text
    • upload custom font if desired
  • Results background
    • select background color for section where poll results show

Add a custom TTF font

If you would like to use a custom font, you can upload a font file (TTF files are supported). In the Label styling or Results styling sections, choose the Upload font link on the right. You can upload and use different fonts for each area!

NOTE: Your custom font name will appear in the list with the same file name you upload.

Once your font has been uploaded, you can select it from the Font family dropdown under the Text style section. Your uploaded font will be available in the Custom fonts section of the list and will be available to use in any other widget that has custom font capability.

NOTE: Looking for more customization options? Reach out to discuss how Litmus Personalize Pro can help!

Preview and test your Live Poll

To test your live poll, enter numbers in the Clicks field for each option to preview how it will look as subscribers vote. These are placeholder values and won't affect your poll's final results.

If you want to make any changes, choose the Back to editing button. If you're satisfied with the poll, select Next: Save and get HTML in the upper right corner. Your code will be generated!

final step in live poll build to copy html

To add the live poll to your email, copy the code generated and add it to your email's HTML. You can copy the tag using the Copy HTML button below the code box. Add the code to your email in Litmus Builder or anywhere you develop your emails!

Your new poll will appear in Your live polls in your Personalized content so you can copy the code any time.

View your poll results and click data

Hover over a thumbnail in the Your live polls section of the Personalized content tab and select the View report button to check the results and click data for any poll.

View report button for active live poll widget

The report will display the total number of clicks your poll has recorded and a breakdown of how many times each option was selected.

report for live poll showing clicks and percentages, as well as landing URL, for each option

Impression usage

Live polls contain 2-4 images depending on the number of choices in your poll. Each image appearing in your poll counts as an impression.
NOTE: Impressions usage limits vary based on your subscription. Learn more about usage limits and how impressions are counted to make sure you understand how your tag will impact your usage!

Apple Mail Privacy Protection (MPP)

When an email is sent to an inbox with MPP enabled, email images are automatically downloaded and cached. The cached images are then displayed when the email is opened. Due to this, live polls will display the counts as they were at the time of your send for users with MPP enabled.

We recommend staggering your sends when using live poll. This will allow a click count to be gathered before the images are cached for segments of your subscribers. MPP-impacted opens count towards impression usage.


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