Email Performance Insights: High Unsubscribe Rate

This email had a high unsubscribe rate compared to emails sent in the last 30 days.

A high unsubscribe rate on its own in a single email campaign isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If the high unsubscribe rate is a repeating pattern overall (not in a standalone email), you may need to make some adjustments.

Our recommendations:

  • Improve your content/design to better align with customer expectations.
  • Consider testing different days or times of sending.
  • Take a look at your email frequency. 
    • If you are sending email irregularly, subscribers may be unfamiliar with your brand and unsubscribe because they don't recall signing up.
    • If you email too frequently, subscribers may unsubscribe instead of updating their subscription preferences. 
  • Investigate if there was a pattern in the audience who unsubscribed at the highest rate.
  • Think about where you’re acquiring your email addresses—a high unsubscribe rate could be an indication of poor email acquisition methods.

Read more about the benefits of email preference centers to help deter unsubscribes on our blog.

Email Performance Indicators in Litmus’ Integrated Insights Report (available in a Litmus Enterprise plan) automatically surface emails that are performing well - or not - and what you can learn from them. With visual identifiers and suggested next steps, you can say goodbye to tedious data analysis and focus on driving results. To learn more about how these indicators are calculated, visit the Email Performance Indicators Overview.

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