Email Performance Insights: Low Click-Through Rate

This email has an abnormally low click-through rate compared to emails sent in the last 30 days.  

The goal of this email may not be clicks or conversions. For example, an email welcoming a new customer may not include a CTA or measure success with clicks. Another example is an email reminding your customer to take action within your platform. The email may not have clicks, but may drive in-app activity.

If the goal of this email is clicks, there may be some actions you can take to improve click-through rate.

Our recommendations to improve clicks and conversions:

  • A low click-through rate could be due to incorrect or broken links. Be sure to check every link before hitting send.
  • Ensure your subject line aligns with the content in your email. What got your subscriber to open should lead to exactly that.
  • Consider using verbs in your CTAs (calls to action) that not only amplify the act of taking action, but the value of it. For example, instead of saying 'Download Now,' try 'Start Planning.'
  • Make sure your CTA stands out with contrast and visual indicators to steer your subscriber towards the clickable elements. Consider leaving a generous amount of white space around your CTA to make it easier to find.
  • Use urgency to encourage action.

Read more about how to design emails that convert on our blog.

Email Performance Indicators in Litmus’ Integrated Insights Report (available in a Litmus Enterprise plan) automatically surface emails that are performing well - or not - and what you can learn from them. With visual identifiers and suggested next steps, you can say goodbye to tedious data analysis and focus on driving results. To learn more about how these indicators are calculated, visit the Email Performance Indicators Overview.

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