Email Performance Insights: Low Open Rate

This email had an abnormally low open rate when compared to emails sent in the last 30 days.

  • You may need to adjust your subject line and/or segmentation.
  • Subscribers may not recognize your sender's name.
  • There may be a better time to send your email.
  • You may be experiencing some deliverability issues.

Our recommendations:

  • Ensure your subject line is relevant to your audience with proper segmentation. 
  • Your subject line is your opportunity to make a great first impression. Consider making the following adjustments to drive more subscribers to open your email:
    • Take a look at your subject line, sender name, and preview text and ensure they all work hand-in-hand. Think of your preview text as an extension to your subject line. Work on crafting subject lines and preview text that works together and makes sense when read together.
    • Focus on your subscriber. Start injecting the word 'you' into your subject line.
    • Consider adding action to your subject line, so your subscriber knows exactly what you want them to do with your email.
    • Be specific instead of vague.
    • Think about transactional subject lines differently. They probably have different goals and might even be managed by different teams.
    • Read more tips to improve your subject line on our blog.
  • Ensure your sender's name is easily recognizable and not misleading. Avoid repeating your sender name in your subject line or preview text.
  • Consider running some testing to determine the best time to send your email to optimize open rates.
  • Take proactive steps to ensure your email is landing in the inbox:

Email Performance Indicators in Litmus’ Integrated Insights Report (available in a Litmus Enterprise plan) automatically surface emails that are performing well - or not - and what you can learn from them. With visual identifiers and suggested next steps, you can say goodbye to tedious data analysis and focus on driving results. To learn more about how these indicators are calculated, visit the Email Performance Indicators Overview.

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