Litmus Proof FAQs

What is Proof?

Proof is a feature for customers with a Litmus Enterprise plan. Proof aims to simplify the review and approval process of email design and development. Use Proof to get feedback from stakeholders directly on your email campaigns so you can easily review, collaborate, and resolve changes and get your campaigns out the door faster.

Which plans and users can access Proof? 

Proof is available on the Litmus Enterprise plan. Users with Admin or Full access can create Proofs and comment on Proofs, while “Reviewer” users are restricted to viewing and commenting on proofs.

Will Proof be available on Basic, Plus or Pro plans in the future? 

For the time being Proof is an Enterprise-only feature. We may in the future make it available in other plans. Timing and details have not been determined.

What are the “Full”, “Reviewer” and “Proof Reviewer” user roles? 

For Enterprise customers, we have also renamed the Read-Only role to “Reviewer”, and added "Proof Reviewer" as a Proof-specific role.

What is the "Proof Reviewer" role and how is it created?

Proof Reviewers can view only the Proof section of Litmus. They can review Proofs they were invited to and comment on them. Proof Reviewers cannot create new Proofs or delete or modify anything in your Litmus account. 

Proof Reviewers are created when an Account Holder or Admin users invites a new user, not currently on your account, to view a Proof by entering their email into the 'Share' dialog. The Proof Reviewer role is also automatically assigned to all new users who are added to an account by commenting on a public Proof page. 

How do I share Proofs?

Sharing a Proof enables you to get feedback from others. Proofs can be shared by using the “Share” button. There are two methods of sharing a Proof with others: inviting users and creating a share link.

Share Proof

  1. Inviting users

Inviting users sends an email invitation and link directly to those you want to provide feedback. Users and Groups on the account are shown in the list in the dialog box. Simply check off which user or Group you wish to send to, type a note and click Share.

Share with new users:

If you need to share with someone who is not on your Litmus account you can add them as a Proof Reviewer. Simply type in their email address and use the “Add” button to add them to the list of those you are sharing with. Please note that only Admin or Account Holder users have the option to invite new users to an account.

Add Proof Reviewer

Newly invited users become Proof Reviewers on the account and are granted access to the Proofs you share with them. They will appear in the user list when sharing any subsequent Proofs.

Enterprise accounts can add an unlimited number of free Reviewer members to their accounts so you can easily get feedback on Proofs from clients and other stakeholders.

Note: Proof Reviewers do not have access to other areas of Litmus.

  1. Creating a Share Link

Create a share link

Create a public sharing link in order to easily share an email Proof in other collaboration or project management tools like Slack, Asana, Jira or Trello. The public sharing link allows anyone with the link to view the Proof, so only share it with people you trust. Simply use the switch to turn on the public link and copy and paste the link where you want to share it. If you are concerned about making your Proof public, use the Invite Users tab which requires users to be invited and log in before viewing the Proof.

Public links remain public for 30 days or until the public switch is turned off in the "Create a share link" dialog box. Although public share links can be seen by anyone, commenting requires a user to sign in or create an account. New users who sign in on the public sharing link are added to your account as Proof Reviewers and only have permission to view the Proof you have shared with them.

How do I remind Reviewers to review the Proof?

Using the Share feature you can send a note to all users who you shared the Proof with. Notes are always shared with ALL users who have green checkmarks indicating the Proof has been shared with them. Notes can be used to send reminders and deadlines to your reviewers.

  1. Select Share on the Proof
  2. Select Add note
  3. Type your note
  4. Select Share

Can I share Proofs with users who are not on my Litmus account?

Enterprise accounts can add an unlimited number of Reviewer members to their accounts so that you can easily get feedback on Proofs from clients and other stakeholders. There is no charge for Enterprise accounts to add Reviewers.

In addition, you can create a public link to share with anyone. The public sharing link allows anyone with the link to view the Proof, so only share it with people you trust. Simply use the switch to turn on the public link and copy and paste the link where you want to share it. Reviewers wishing to comment will be prompted to create a username/password so that you know who they are. Once created they will be added to your account as a Proof Reviewer for future sharing.

How do I manage or restrict Reviewer access to Proofs on my account?

The Share button on each Proof will display who you have shared the Proof with and let you add or remove reviewers. Simply uncheck those reviewers you don’t want to access the Proof or check off the users or groups you want to add.

Full users, Admins and Account Holders have access to all Proofs on an account. Enterprise customers can use Subaccounts to restrict access to Proofs by placing the users on an account that contains only the Proofs they want to share with them.

Reviewers can access and review Proofs that they have been invited to. When a Proof is shared with a Reviewer they receive an email that links them directly to a single Proof. (Note that prior to July 4, 2018 Reviewers had access to all Proofs on an account. Since that date Reviewers only get access to Proofs they are asked to provide feedback on).

How do I see a history of comments and versions?

Proof Timeline lets you view and download an audit of requested changes and uploaded versions. To learn more about Proof Timeline and how to use it check out our guide.

Why is my Proof email showing blank but it works in my browser?

Litmus Proof uses strict HTML rendering guidelines. Some web browsers or email clients may “correct” HTML errors in order to display your email. Proof will not, and therefore displays nothing if the HTML is out of compliance. Some common examples include a broken div tag. If you’re seeing a blank Proof, please review your HTML for errors. You can contact Litmus Support if you need further help.

How do I approve Proofs?

The approvals feature lets you manage who has approved your email proofs. Read more about how to approve proofs here.

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