Litmus Proof FAQs

What is Proof?

Proof is a feature for customers with a Litmus Enterprise plan. Proof aims to simplify the review and approval process of email design and development. Use Proof to get feedback from stakeholders directly on your email campaigns so you can easily review, collaborate, and resolve changes and get your campaigns out the door faster.

Which plans and users can access Proof? 

Proof is available on the Litmus Enterprise plan only. For details on which user roles can create, view, comment, and approve Proofs, please refer to this article.

What are the “Full”, “Reviewer” and “Proof Reviewer” user roles? 

For a complete breakdown of the roles and permissions available in Litmus, check out this article.

What is the "Proof Reviewer" role and how is it created?

Proof Reviewers can view only the Proof section of Litmus. They can review Proofs they were invited to and comment on them. Proof Reviewers cannot create new Proofs or delete or modify anything in your Litmus account. 

Proof Reviewers are created when an Account Holder or Admin users invites a new user, not currently on your account, to view a Proof by entering their email into the 'Share' dialog. The Proof Reviewer role is also automatically assigned to all new users who are added to an account by commenting on a public Proof page. 

How do I share Proofs?

Sharing a Proof enables you to get feedback from others. Proofs can be shared by using the “Share” button. There are two methods of sharing a Proof with others: inviting users and creating a share link.

For step-by-step instructions on sharing Proofs, check out this article.

How do I remind Reviewers to review the Proof?

Any user you invite to a Proof will receive automated daily reminder emails about the Proof until they have viewed it.

To send a manual reminder, you can send a note to all users who you shared the Proof with. Notes are always shared with ALL users who have green checkmarks indicating the Proof has been shared with them. Notes can be used to send reminders and deadlines to your reviewers. To send a

  1. Select Share on the Proof
  2. Select Add note
  3. Type your note
  4. Select Share

When are the automated reminder emails sent?

Automated reminder emails are sent once a day at approximately 2 am Eastern time.

How do I get reminder emails to stop?

Once the recipient has viewed any Proofs or folders shared with them, they will no longer receive a reminder. Recipients do not have to comment or approve a Proof in order to stop being reminded.

Can I share Proofs with users who are not on my Litmus account?

Enterprise accounts can add an unlimited number of Proof Reviewer members to their accounts so that you can easily get feedback on Proofs from clients and other stakeholders. There is no charge for Enterprise accounts to add Proof Reviewers.

In addition, you can create a public link to share with anyone. The public sharing link allows anyone with the link to view the Proof, so only share it with people you trust. Simply use the switch to turn on the public link and copy and paste the link where you want to share it. Users who comment or approve from a public link who are not already on your account, will be will be added to your account as a Proof Reviewer for future sharing.

How do I manage or restrict Proof Reviewer access to Proofs on my account?

The Share button on each Proof will display who you have shared the Proof with and let you add or remove reviewers. Simply uncheck those reviewers you don’t want to access the Proof or check off the users or groups you want to add.

Reviewers, Full users, Admins and Account Holders have access to all Proofs on an account. Enterprise customers can use Subaccounts to restrict access to Proofs by placing the users on an account that contains only the Proofs they want to share with them.

Proof Reviewers can access and review Proofs that they have been invited to. When a Proof is shared with a Proof Reviewer they receive an email that links them directly to a single Proof.

If I share a folder with a Proof Reviewer, will they have access to more than just the Proofs?

No, Proof Reviewers and logged-out users can only view Proofs in shared folders and can't access any other part of Litmus from a shared folder. Logged-in users with a role of Reviewer, Full, Admin, or Account Holder can access other elements of emails in a folder, such as Builder, Previews & QA, and Email Analytics.

How do I see a history of comments and versions?

Proof Timeline lets you view and download an audit of requested changes and uploaded versions. To learn more about Proof Timeline and how to use it check out our guide.

Why is my Proof email showing blank but it works in my browser?

Litmus Proof uses strict HTML rendering guidelines. Some web browsers or email clients may “correct” HTML errors in order to display your email. Proof will not, and therefore displays nothing if the HTML is out of compliance. Some common examples include a broken div tag. If you’re seeing a blank Proof, please review your HTML for errors. You can contact Litmus Support if you need further help.

How do I approve Proofs?

The approvals feature lets you manage who has approved your email proofs. Read more about how to approve proofs here.

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