Litmus Personalize overview

Litmus Personalize empowers your team to automate and scale the creation of personalized individual email experiences, optimizing every subscriber's experience. Using the quick-start templates within Litmus Personalize, marketers can seamlessly generate endless email variations from a single HTML tag, making it easier than ever to create true 1-to-1, personalized email campaigns!

Personalize quick-start templates

You can access Litmus Personalize using the Personalize tab at the top of the Litmus platform.

You'll find quick-start templates that you can customize to implement personalized images in your campaigns:

  • Countdown timers: Create urgency for an event with an animated gif that counts down to a set time.
  • Personalized images: Tailor every email to each individual subscriber to create 1:1 customer experiences.
  • Sentiment trackers: Listen to your audience and gather sentiment responses in real time.
  • Instagram feeds: Keep your email content fresh with automatically updated Instagram posts.
  • Progress bars: Keep customers on the right track and promote brand loyalty.
  • Interactive live polls: Add gamification to email with live polling to engage your subscribers.
  • Interest signals: Display live click totals that update with every open.
  • Scratch-offs: Create fun, engaging content with an interactive image.

Track your usage

Personalize usage is measured by impressions. Impressions are counted whenever your email is opened and the image loads. Impressions usage limits vary based on your subscription. Learn more about usage limits and how impressions are counted to understand how your tag will impact your usage!

More customization

Looking for more customization options? Use this handy form or email us to find out how Litmus Personalize Pro can help!


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